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Cal-Ga-Crete has been manufacturing quality concrete paver tiles since 1963. All of our products are carefully handcrafted and enhance the unique characteristics of concrete surfaces. Cal-Ga-Crete continues to develop new products and has one of the largest selections of paver tile surface styles and colors. Our paver tiles can be used for both interior and exterior, commercial and residential applications, including living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, pool decks, driveways, theme parks, housing developments, hotels and much more.

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Cal-Ga-Crete is a founding member of the Concrete Tile Manufacturers Association (CTMA). CTMA has developed specifications for our industry that can be obtained by contacting our factory or authorized Cal-Ga-Crete dealers. Short versions of Cal-Ga-Crete's specifications are attached to each factory-packaged pallet. Specifications are updated frequently. We strongly recommend obtaining our most recent specifications.


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